Xia Sha Primary School,Futian District, Shenzhen

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  Xia Sha Primary School in Futian District ,Shenzhen City, was founded in 1938. At the provincial level, it is one of the earliest full-time primary public schools.
  The school has first-class running conditions that meet the 27 national-classroom standards, as well as 14 specialized classrooms, including music rooms, art rooms, computer rooms and laboratories, all of which have advanced equipment and technology. The school has a 200 square-meter garden with landscaping. Also, a 200 meter-long track and field stadium, a 900 square-meter indoor badminton court , and a 900 square-meter indoor playground.
  The school now has 24 classes and1,156 students. For years,  the school leaders have emphasized the importance of the faculty’s teaching levels. The staff now has 66 teachers and administrators, including 2 post-graduates, 42  bachelors, one special high-level teacher, one national-level teacher and 14 highly experienced teachers.

Principal: MS.Du Congying
  Over the years, the school has promoted a comprehensive education for the student’s well-rounded development, upholding the school’s goals of “Forming a solid foundation of good behavior, habits, and harmonious development.” The school moves forward to establish its spirit of "rigor, harmony, devotion, diligence,” and the teaching spirit of "democracy, pragmatism, innovation, refinement,” and to instill in the students the spirit of "independence, diligence , openness, seeking truth."
  The school has performed exceedingly well in the Line Setting-up Exercise, achieving many awards in contests among Shenzhen schools. Besides study, the students also attend different kinds of interest classes and make excellent performance in various competitions.
  Xia Sha Primary School’s Five Year Plan:
  b   Ultimate  Goal:  Cultivating a vivacious and modern city lifestyle, making the school prosperous by displaying its unique characteristics, establishing community recognition and becoming a preeminent new type of school that fully applies a harmonious education.
  The next five years our school will concentrate on ten major projects:
  1.  Teacher Cultivation Project                   2.  Democratic Management Project
  3. Quality Improvement Project                    4.  Education Formation Project
  5. Harmonious Classes Project                     6.  School Transparency Project 
  7.   Campus Elegance Project                     8.   Campus Culture Project
  9. Characteristics Development Project               10. Independent Evaluation Project
  Our commitment to the next five years at Xia Sha Primary School:
  n The school  will achieve good ratings in different assessments of Futian District and student conduct will be100%. Each student will work towards the “Four Abilities" : Reading, Playing one musical instruments, Focusing on one sport, and Balancing the pressures of school life, social life and home life. 
  n Each student will cultivate good study habits and focus on etiquette. As a result, students will receive a solid education, affecting their home-life, influencing the community and greater region.
  n 90% of the students feel "happy” in the classroom, 100% of the teachers feel "satisfied“ with their teaching, and more than 98% of the parents feel “pleased” with their child's classroom performance. Establish the equality between teachers and students, promote a democratic and harmonious environment, encourage teacher-and-student relations.
  n Vigorously promote and open the school to domestic and international communities for the future in order to lay a solid foundation for the students and to give them confidence to face the world. In order to change the school’s image and to have a positive effect in the community, the school encourages the parents and community to participate in school management by initiating an open teaching paradigm.
  n Promote the student’s reading abilities, and let each student enjoy reading.
  n Encourage the students to learn a special skill, display the teacher’s unique teaching style and the school’s unique characteristics. Continue to maintain students’ excellent Playground-Exercise features and have a wide influence in the region, becoming Shenzhen’s model school in these features.
  Concrete Measures:
  v The exchange program can deepen the understanding and interaction between two schools, promoting a cross-cultural communication of the latest study and activity materials through the internet.
  v The teacher exchange program will allow the thorough understanding of different countries and cultures, learning from each other and sharing various teaching modes and methods
  v The student exchange program will be during the winter and summer vacations. The plan to organize the students visit to each other's countries will let them understand other country’s national characteristics, such as culture, history, society and education. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get a different perspective, preparing them for the future to become a global and well-rounded individual.
  We sincerely hope to cooperate with your school because we share a common effort to improve our comprehensive education ability. By working together, we can enhance and promote our two schools in terms of teaching, study and education methods. Our mutual understanding will improve the overall quality of both our teachers and students. Thank you!

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